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For a long time, I knew that food was my passion. I guess most chefs say that. But you have to have a passion for food in order to endure in this industry. Mobile catering is not the first thing chefs want to do but here I am.

Growing up in Ennerdale, I first knew I wanted to work with food when I saw Jamie Oliver on the tv. When I left school, a year later, I started working in a restaurant peeling potatoes, and this is where my journey into the food industry began. When I quit my job I moved to the North West to pursue my career and was fortunate enough to work under amazing head chefs whose knowledge and lessons in the kitchen were invaluable. I soaked up all they had to teach me, and to this day those lessons are still with me when I work in the kitchen.

I saw my career as a chef as the opportunity to meet new people, see new places, and learn as much about food as possible. I worked all over South Africa, and learnt my trade before embarking on my own journey 13 years later.

I find global street food exciting. Using my classical training in the kitchen and combining it with new flavours and techniques, a unique flavour and experience was created and can be found in the food we serve. From my time on the Ultimate Braaimaster I learned very quickly to come up with fresh ideas in a short space of time, and this experience has helped me in the kitchen – food is creative; sometimes the rules do not apply.

Everyday is exciting thinking up new combinations, new styles or ingredients we can try out. Our menu is dynamic and our unique variations are the result of having fun and experimenting with different produce and flavour combinations. I’m constantly looking for new ideas and learning new techniques with which to experiment.

Sumting Fresh, is exactly that, something fresh on the gourmet street food scene. Sharing the journey with my business partner Hezron Louw has been awesome.


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My Proudest Moment:

I love what I do - I never want to go back to working in a hotel kitchen again. Getting to do what I love, and interact with customers is what makes me get up in the morning.“

Terms and Conditions

1. 50% non refundable deposit to secure booking. Remainder to be paid 1 week prior to event.

2. R14 per km return will be charged for functions outside a 5km radius from Bramley View

3. Bamboo boats serviettes and plastic forks are included in the price

4. Wooden cutlery can be offered at an additional price

5. Quotes are valid for 10 working days


* Private events/ Functions:

1. Arrival ± 1hour before service, departure after clean up. NB: Additional time will be charged at R800/hour

2. Standard service for <100 units is 1 hour. A selection of one meal from the menu.

3. Standard service for >100 units is 1.5 hours A selection of 2 options from the menu.

4. 200-400units A selection of 3 meals from the menu.

5. 400-500 units A selection of 4 meals.

6. 500-1000 meals. A selection of 5 meals from the menu.

7. Evening events from 21H00 will be charged a R1000 service fee.

8. Minimum order for Cocktail Jam Jars is 40 x. (available in virgin/alcoholic options)


1. Numbers can be increased within the week prior to event, in writing and an additional invoice will be sent.

2. All requests for changes/cancellations must be received in writing.Changes will become effective on the date of written confirmation being received.

3. Cancellations will only be accepted 1 week prior to event, or full amount will be charged.

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