Where it started

“Chicken over here! Chicken over here, yeah!” is the only chant you want to hear when heading out for unbeatable street food.

Where did it start? When fate keeps pushing you together there is nothing you can do but get in line. From meeting in taxis and other random places on a regular basis it became clear that the universe had bigger plans for the two of us. From these chance encounters we discovered that we shared a passion, and that passion was food, but, not just any style of food; it needed to be unique, authentic, and have a kick. So, when you mix the passion and tenacity of two food-loving Ennerdalians, you know something special will develop – or more fittingly, Sumting Fresh!  

Leaving secure jobs to follow our dream was not an easy decision to make – although our hearts were in it, our heads were cautious. In order to finance our business we turned to our families for support and in doing so experienced the ups-and-downs, and trial and errors that help to grow any new business. We discovered who we were as a brand, our identity, and what we wanted to offer, Soon, we realised we could bring something unique to the Johannesburg street food market scene and that was how we finally managed to get Sumting Fresh off the ground, and quickly became a favourite.

We opened up shop on 13 June 2012 with a street side trailer under a tree in Becker Street, Midrand. We knew we were onto something hot when the queues kept getting longer. A gap at the new Fourways Farmers’ Market opened up, and we jumped at the opportunity to introduce our food to a whole new group of food lovers. Our signature chants keep you entertained as you wait for your “sumting” special from Sumting Fresh!

Our first street meal was “The Goujon” (The Good one), which soon started trending wherever we parked our truck. By adding more and more street food to the menu – always making sure to use the best quality, local produce – we created a menu combined with flavour and imagination, giving “The Gujon” the reputation as the must-have market meal. All our meals are made from scratch, from the spice blends to our signature sweet-chilli sauce, taking street food to next level gourmet.

If you would like to taste  our brand of deliciousness for yourself, come on over to the Neighbourgoods Market in Johannesburg every Saturday, or the Fourways Farmers’ Market every Sunday. Or book us for your private function or corporate event for a whole new take on on site catering.

Terms and Conditions

1. 50% non refundable deposit to secure booking. Remainder to be paid 1 week prior to event.

2. R14 per km return will be charged for functions outside a 5km radius from Bramley View

3. Bamboo boats serviettes and plastic forks are included in the price

4. Wooden cutlery can be offered at an additional price

5. Quotes are valid for 10 working days


* Private events/ Functions:

1. Arrival ± 1hour before service, departure after clean up. NB: Additional time will be charged at R800/hour

2. Standard service for <100 units is 1 hour. A selection of one meal from the menu.

3. Standard service for >100 units is 1.5 hours A selection of 2 options from the menu.

4. 200-400units A selection of 3 meals from the menu.

5. 400-500 units A selection of 4 meals.

6. 500-1000 meals. A selection of 5 meals from the menu.

7. Evening events from 21H00 will be charged a R1000 service fee.

8. Minimum order for Cocktail Jam Jars is 40 x. (available in virgin/alcoholic options)


1. Numbers can be increased within the week prior to event, in writing and an additional invoice will be sent.

2. All requests for changes/cancellations must be received in writing.Changes will become effective on the date of written confirmation being received.

3. Cancellations will only be accepted 1 week prior to event, or full amount will be charged.

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